Danny Hayward



£8.50 / €15 / $22. 176pp, 18.9×24.61cm, paperback. Cover image: 'Art and Industryscape' (1984) by Erró. Published September 2013.

    I want to know how much you are
    capable of

Danny Hayward’s People is a ruthless criticism of existing social relations and a dissection of the subjects who live them. It is a compendium of poems, essays, and drama, opening with a hallucinatory foreword by the author: ‘It was at the street demonstration I think that I first noticed the pipe in my throat. It was a sunny day in Kwai Chung, the security staff were feasting at the Tree of Knowledge, Nuriel was saying something merely impossible.’

Hayward’s throat inflates and constricts beyond impossibility in the hundred-page dramatic poem, ‘The Consumption of Extremes: A Family Drama’; in the conceptual polemic on the production of value, ‘A Mediocre Galore’; in the lyric sequence, ‘PMS PBLC ND PRSNL’; and in the Byronic atrocity, ‘Don Discontinuity’. The three essays ‘The Comedy of Domination’, ‘Transitional Poetry’, and ‘By Impossibly Popular Demand’ address diverse subjects including Brecht, Catherine Wagner, Trotsky, William Bowles, and G. K. Chesterton.

This is his first collection.


Danny Hayward lives and works in London. His poetry has been published in Friends 1, Viersomes 0, and Hi Zero 1. A video of his 2011 reading at the Hi Zero reading series in Brighton is available here. His numerous contributions to radical journals and pamphlets include: ‘Two Essays: Best and Worst in Poetry / Perfect Capitalism’ from Veer Books; 'Adventures in the Sausage Factory: A Cursory Overview of UK University Struggles, November 2010 - July 2011' in Mute; 'John Maynard Nothing' in Mute; 'The Essential Standpoint of Man: An Autopsy, in Three Parts' in World Picture Journal 6; 'Exit Strategies: Some Problems of Commitment in Keston Sutherland's The Proxy Inhumanity of Forklifts' in The Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry 3:1; an essay on Sean Bonney's 'Letters' in Damn the Caesars: Crisis Inquiry; and a contribution to the Militant Poetics Forum. You can hear him discuss 'The Problem with Full Employment Utopias' on the Novara radio show.

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