Mealy Bloom
Tom Jones




MEALY BLOOM brings together more than ten years of work by the poet Tom Jones. It collects the pamphlet Transactions Grotesques, and presents the new sequence "The Punk Star Tuba", along with sixteen other poems, including versions of Mandelshtam and Tsvetayeva. In a prefatory "Advertisement", the author set outs the poetics governing this collection: "the sense that training of the conscience is possible, and could be done through this kind of text."

Tom Jones teaches English literature at the University of St. Andrews. He is the author of Pope and Berkeley: The Language of Poetry and Philosophy (Palgrave, 2005) and Poetic Language: Theory and Practice from the Renaissance to the Present (Edinburgh University Press, 2012). Essays can be found in Jacket and Complicities (Litteraria Pragensia, 2007). His books of poetry and translation include Transactions Grotesques (Barque Press, 2002) and Akhmatova (Perdika Press, 2007). His poems have appeared in Quid, Boxon, Blackbox Manifold, Cambridge Poetry Summit: Some Evidence, and Prague Literary Review. He can be heard reading his poems at The Archive of the Now.

MEALY BLOOM. £6.50 / €8 / $16.50. 96pp, 18.9×24.61cm, paperback. Front and back cover images by Stathis Tsemberlidis, from his book Transmutation: Of Human Bodies and Flora (2013); see more at

Click image (below) to read the poem "Contrapunctus 1"